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  1. Wow, Steve! I love where you are going with this. My 13 year-old daughter wonders constantly why she needs to do all the things she has to do in school. I know she finds some of it meaningful, but other bits just a grind. I keep seeing this meme on twitter “Don’t ask kids what they want to be, ask them what problems they want to solve.” Your story reminded me of this.

    I’m sure it was a ton of work to put this together. Will you be adding music? I think music will add to the emotional pull of it. I just listened to this one: “A Perceptible Shift” by Andy G. Cohen while playing your video and I think it might fit nicely. I found it at http://freemusicarchive.org.

    Anyway, I so agree with you–I’d love to change it all, but am still wrestling with how to get there. You are the problem and I am the problem, but we are also the solution because we care enough to wonder what we can do.

    Cheers, Valerie

  2. Thanks Valerie. It took longer because i was learning a new tool: Adobe Spark. I would be quicker next time. I wanted to put in music, even uploaded a track. I then found I couldn’t fade in and out as I wanted. I could edit it in another program and then import. I agree that there would be an extra emotional element to the story if there were music.


  3. I love that you dove right in and created this video! I assume the process of doing so yourself, has allowed you to better understand the pitfalls students may experience. Small things like using a mic, background noise, pace, etc all are things that are often overlooked that you integrated with ease. Did you enjoy using Spark?

  4. Thanks Brandon. Yes, Spark was mentioned more than once in sessions I attended at ISTE last year, but it took me until now to try it out. I was very impressed, especially with the ease of recording and recording my voice over each slide. I have seen a lot of the pitfalls which students and teachers experience in the process and am hoping I can use it to help some Animoto addicts to level up.

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